Top-level athletes’ section


Recruitment is a two-step process regardless of the sports level.

  • The school record on the post-baccalaureate site to integrate the INSA group and more particularly INSA Lyon.
  • The sports file to integrate the Top-Level Athletes' section.

For the applicants that are registered on the ministerial lists:

Priority is given to candidates registered in the French Ministry of Sport's high level lists.

The application of legislation concerning high-level sport enables the jury:

  • In the case of admission to the INSA group: to consider the transfer of the student in the INSA school that was his first choice
  • In the case of non-admission to the INSA group: to study the application for possible admission by way of derogation.

For the applicants who are not on the ministerial lists :

Applicants who are not on the Ministry's lists may apply if they have a very good level of practice.

If they are admitted to the INSA group and if their sports file has been validated, they will join the Top-Level Athletes' section depending on the number of places still available.

These files will still be examined after those of the athletes on the ministerial list.

For the international students

To join the section, international high-level athletes who qualify for an academic exchange year at INSA Lyon should contact:

-the representative of the High-Level Section at INSA Lyon, Mr Eric Dumont

-the representative of the High-Level Section in the department they are applying to: