Top-level athletes’ section

Top-level athletes’ section

The Top-Level Athletes’ Section of INSA LYON was created in 1981, in order to pursue the "sport-studies" system set up in high schools in the 1970s.

This structure is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Minister of Sports.

Its reputation is both national and international. Its purpose is to enable students to follow a dual curriculum of sports and academic excellence.

  • 160 male and female students are pursuing this double curriculum.
  • 80 of them are registered on the high level athletes’ list of the Ministry of Sports.
  • 2 high-level referees are part of this structure.
  • 35 to 40 sports activities are represented.

Since 1988, INSA Lyon has always been represented at the Summer Olympic Games.

The motto of the INSA Lyon Top-Level Athletes’ Section:
"Be a champion on the field, Be a champion in your studies, Become the champion of your life".