Physical Education courses (EPS)

Physical Education courses (EPS)

"Sport is an essential part of the training of INSA engineers. It contributes to their personal development and helps to train creative, open and innovative engineers."

The purpose of the Physical Education Courses (named EPS) is to follow the INSA model which consists in training tomorrow's executives who are responsible, able to communicate, to participate in group dynamics, to innovate and to adapt to different situations.

With a wide range of disciplines, the Physical Education Courses represent the only physical commitment from the 1st to the 5th year in the students curriculum. For many of them it's the only physical activity and it must provide all of them the knowledge, skills and attitudes to maintain a healthy life.

The teaching is in line with 5 priority skills identified in INSA Lyon's Humanities and Physical Education policy for all students, regardless of their training programme (permanent students, exchange students... ) :

  1. Knowing and managing oneself physically and mentally
  2. Working, learning and evolving independently
  3. Interacting with others, working in teams
  4. Be creative, innovative, enterprising
  5. Act responsibly in a complex world

Students can choose either a classic practice of physical and sports activities during the EPS courses, or a specialised practice within the Sports Association on condition they have the required level.

Students in a situation of partial aptitude can take adapted practice courses.                    




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