Sports Center student association (AS INSA)

Sports Center student association (AS INSA)

The INSA Lyon Sports Association (AS) is a multi-activity association that brings together around 1,500 engineering students.

Access to the "AS" intranet (link only available for INSA):

Students can practice a sport activity:

  • In the competitive section. Replacing the classic physical education courses, the competitive practice is supervised by a physical education teacher and leads to a mark. After being selected, the student takes part in 1 training and 1 match per week, or 2 trainings for individual sports. The student has the obligation to participate in inter-university competitions.
  • In the recreational section. These activities are managed by student associations but do not replace the practice of a sport in physical education courses or in competition. There is a mark in physical education courses (EPS).

Students can also get involved in associative life, for example by suggesting projects, organising events, or participating in meetings.

These are the sports offered by the sports sections for the 2019 academic year:

Athletics & Cross-Country running - Rowing - Badminton - Basketball - French Boxing - Dance - Horse-riding - Climbing - Fencing - Football - Artistic or Rhythmic Gymnastics - Handball - Judo - Weight lifting - Swimming - Rugby - Sambo - Squash - Taekwondo - Tennis, Table Tennis - Archery - Ultimate - Sailing - Volleyball - Waterpolo.

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  Centre Régional du Sport Universitaire


Victoire de l'équipe de rugby masculin

Victory of the AS men's rugby team in the French Championship of the Grandes Ecoles (May 2018).

Le Cross, une grande course ouverte à tous ! Ici, équipe des hommes.

The men's cross-country team at the French Cross-Country Championships (December 2017, Nancy). AS INSA Lyon is team champion (men) and team vice-champion (women).

Extrait d'un spectacle de danse

A dance performance at the Rencontres Nationales Universitaires de Danse (April 2018).


Sports Center student association (AS INSA) - 10/14/2019

FOCUS Semaine 42: La Section Rugby des Chap's Angels

Sports Center student association (AS INSA) - 16/01/2020

2020: 60 ans de l'AS INSA de LYON !

Sports Center student association (AS INSA) - 10/02/2020


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