Top-level athletes’ section

Educational training

INSA Lyon organises the engineering training over 5 years.

  • 2 years of general scientific training of excellence (1st cycle) ;
  • 3 years of specialisation in one of the 12 fields (2nd cycle).

1st cycle for top-level athletes

  • Teaching is organised over 3 years instead of 2.
  • The week starts on Monday afternoon and ends on Friday at noon.
  • There are no classes on Thursday afternoons (reserved for university sports).
  • Classes end as early as possible in the afternoon to leave time for training.
  • High level sports students are gathered in an independent group whatever the type of course (lecture, tutorial or practical).
  • Arrangements can be made for very special cases (Olympic preparation, specificity of the sports discipline).

2nd cycle for top-level athletes

  • There is no longer a specific group.
  • The schedule is personalised according to the sports constraints.
  • The schedule provides for the 3rd and 4th year to be done over three years instead of two.
  • The management of the 5th year is handled according to the evolution of the sports project and the career project.

Academic support

  • Postponement and anticipation of exams if necessary and according to the sports constraints.
  • Tutoring courses
  • Scientific tutoring
  • Personalised language teaching for top-level students.