Top-level athletes’ section


Accomodation - Catering

It is highly recommended for high-level sports students to be housed in the INSA residences.

A specific catering system allows them to eat normally (hot meal) until 11 pm.

Psychological support

The constraints of high level sport are becoming more and more demanding.

The engineer's training is more and more advanced. Managing this double curriculum of excellence is not easy.

The Top-Level Athletes' Section works with a mental preparation psychologist, Mr Christian RAMOS, recognised in the world of high level sport.

A 3-day training course is organised in September for newcomers.

One day per month (from October to June) is devoted to individual appointments for all the students.

Medical support

INSA does not have to organise the sports medical follow-up.

INSA has an infirmary (doctor, nurse) for routine care.

The Top-Level Athletes' Section hires an osteopath who works every Thursday afternoon on a part-time basis.